Our Artists.

SCALPT’s artists combine their classical and contemporary background with the latest technologies. They lay chisel down and use their mouse cursor instead, working surfaces with maximum care and precision.

Dan Crossland

Dan Crossland was born in the steel city of Sheffield (UK) in 1978.

He studied painting and sculpture at Scotland Art School and conducted further study in anatomy and the fundamentals of classical art.

Dan draws inspiration from the figurative sculptures of the 19th century while bringing modernity to his work with emotional abstraction.

He currently teaches classical sculpture as well as hisArtistic Anatomy course with Mold3D.

A fresh and genuine aesthetic to soften the label between art and design.

About us.

At Scalpt we select and support young emergent artists born in the digital era and we collaborate with companies and artisans in the north of Italy, in order to propose high quality design items and contemporary artworks by using the most innovative technologies and the finest materials.

Inspiring rising artists.

The artist leaves the chisel and uses the mouse cursor, working the surfaces with maximum care and precision.

Scalpt’s sculptors are young artists, with a classical artistic background, but familiar with the newest technologies. For this reason their artworks have a genuine and fresh aestethic.

The gallery’s task to find new talents is the clear demonstration of our will to modernise the current art market.

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