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The invisible limit of our existence:
From a concrete master we extract an unsettled human figure full of fear and torment, trapped in a limited space and time.
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Born as an intimate portrait of the psyche of modern society, Unseen captures a moment dominated by fear, worry and anxiety. The sculpture represents the oppression faced by a man slave to a life he has not chosen. There isn’t a physical barrier, yet he struggles seemingly unable to escape.

The illusion of entrapment.

The steel frame is an integrant part of the artwork, which spatially and emotionally limits the agony of the statue and isolates it form the rest of the world.

It can be seen as a metaphor of human suffering: not a material barrier, but a psychological and abstract torment entraps the figure, which has the possibility to escape from its mental prison, but not enough strength to succeed in it.

Expressive essentiality.

Thanks to the skilled craftsmanship of the finishing process, the expressiveness of Unseen overwhelms the spectator and drags him into his tormented world.

The statue’s face, like pressed by an invisible glass, instills in the audience a sense of concern and distress.

Its curves and shadows are exalted by the detailed hand-finishing, which creates a realistic result, unique for every artwork.

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Product : Unseen
Collection: Dissonance
Design: Dan Crossland

Sculpture Material: Ductal - UHPC
Frame Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 642 x 309 x 434 mm
Weight: 20 kg

Colors: Light Grey - Dark Grey - White
Treatment: Standard or Anti-wear

Limited Edition Price: 1750€
(VAT & Transport excluded)

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